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Cable Testing

Question asked by cachris on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by Dr_joel
I do not own an E8363C but went to a Navy lab that used one to measure VSWR on 4 of my RF cables.  The cables are 7 inches overall and have an SMA-M connector on each end.  The test reported was an S22, S11, and S21 all of which were ran from 45MHz to 18GHz.  IF BW was 35KHz, Sweep Time was .690ms and Pow 1 and 2 was -17dBm.  Using this device my cables all fail for most of the band.  When running my cable there was a flashing light next to port 2 labeled "Refl Rev".   My TE and an independent lab pass the tests with no problem.  I can duplicate their test results by removing the 50 Ohm terminating resister on open end of the cable.  I went through the schematics of port 1 and port and could not find a built-in terminating resister only a switch that opens the circuit. I seems to me that their test setup is flawed but I don't know enough about this equipment.

Thanks, Chris