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Trigger and OUTP on DC Power Supply N57xxx

Question asked by nicolas41 on Jul 4, 2013
Hi everyone!

I have I Power Supply of type N5767A that I command through Ethernet.
I trigger the output using ENA-/+ on the DB25 connector (SW1 switch 9 is high)
Basically it works properly: the output is enable only if the the HW trigger is closed.

My problem: you MUST once issue a OUTP ON when the HW trigger is closed, and then I get Voltage/Current only whenever the HW Trigger is closed.
If I issue a OUTP ON and after close the HW trigger the output doesn't come, until you do a OUTP ON once when the HW trigger is close.

Is it possible to enable the output while the HW Trigger is opened, so that it comes whenever the HW Trigger closes?

I use short trigger time with some timing issues, that's why I am using the HW trigger :-)

Thanks in advance for your help!