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PNA Application Notes and Papers

Question asked by odanzy Employee on Mar 8, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2007 by mkawasaki
For anyone that is interested, I have compiled a list of application notes that relate to the PNA.  Please see below:

PNA Application Notes and White Papers     

AN1408-1 Mixer Transmission Measurements using the FCA

AN1408-2 Mixer Conversion-Loss and Group-Delay Measurement Techniques and Comparisons

AN1408-3 Improving Measurement and Calibration Accuracy Using the Frequency Converter Application

AN1408-7 Amplifier Linear & Gain Measurements

AN1408-8 Amplifier Swept-Harmonic Measurements

AN1408-9 Amplifier Intermodulation-Distortion Measurements

AN1408-10 Recommendations for Testing High Power Amplifiers

AN1408-11 Accurate Pulsed Measurements

AN1408-12 Pulsed-RF S-Parameter Measurements Using Wideband and Narrowband Detection

AN 1408-13 Introduction to Application Development

AN1408-14 Using the PNA Series to Analyze Lightwave Components

AN1408-15 Banded Millimeter-Wave Measurements with the PNA

AN1408-16 Power Added Efficiency with the PNA-X

AN1408-17 Making Accurate IMD Measurements with the PNA-X Network Analyzer

AN1408-18 Measuring Group Delay of Frequency Converters with Embedded Local Oscillators

AN1408-19 High Power Amplifier Measurements using Agilent’s NVNA

AN1408-20 High Accuracy Noise Figure Measurements Using the PNA-X Series Network Analyzer

AN1408-21Active-Device Characterization in Pulsed Operation Using the PNA-X

Reducing Measurement Times and Improving Economic Competitiveness in Antenna and RCS Applications

AN1287-11 Specifying Cal Stds & Kits for Agilent Network Analyzers

Basics of Measuring the Dielectric Properties of Materials

Split Post Dielectric Resonators for Dielectric Measurements of Substrates

On-Wafer Calibration Using a 4-port, 20 GHz PNA-L Network Analyzer (N5230A Option 240/245)

Calibrating Standards for In-Fixture Device Characterization (White Paper)

User Characterization: New electronic calibration feature allows users to customize to specific needs  (White Paper)

Electronic vs. Mechanical Calibration kits: Calibration methods and accuracy  (White Paper)

Triggering the PNA for Antenna Measurements (White Paper)

Pulsed Measurements using the PNA series (White Paper)

Novel Method for vector mixer characterization and Mixer test system vector error correction (White Paper)

Measuring Absolute Group Delay of Multistage Converters Using PNA Microwave Network Analyzers (White Paper)

Comparison of Mixer Characterization using New Vector Characterization Techniques (White Paper)

Antenna and RCS Configurations (White Paper)

Pulsed Measurements Using Narrowband Detection and a Standard PNA Series Network Analyzer (White Paper) 

Utilizing TDR and VNA Data to Develop 4-port Frequency Dependent Models (White Paper)

Advanced Measurements and Modeling of Differential Devices (White Paper)

Ultra-Low Impedance Measurements Using 2-Port Measurements (White Paper)

Backplane Differential Channel Microprobe Characterization in Time and Frequency Domains (White Paper)

Radar Measurements (Application Note)

Antenna Test (Selection Guide/Configurations)

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