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problems with RF Power limiter

Question asked by arm on Aug 12, 2013
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Hi everybody, 
in our lab we are using a 11867A RF Power Limiter to protect the receiver during Emission measurements. We have discovered that in some way this device has been damaged during some measurement (noise on 380V 50Hz 100A LISNs without load) and now it shows about 5 dB attenuation instead the nominal 0.5dB (but outwardly no strong signal were detected...). I'm wondering how it can be possible, as I expected that such a device was more a "go/no go" type. Furthermore now a question is raising: is there any method or practice that can ensure the Power Limiter is working properly and results are not affected by this kind of problem? I'm thinking to verify the insertion loss after each measurement, but to me it looks like not so efficient in terms of time for big test campaigns