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Question asked by wangyiliu99 on Jun 19, 2013
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Hello, all

I need to do the following with VEE and would like to have your advice.

for i=1, to 3  (measurement repeated for 3 times)
for j=1 to 21 (measurement conducted for 21 pts)
next j
next i

then, get the average for all the 63 data, sum(IMD(i,j))/63
get the 3 times average for each of the 21 pts, average(IMD(1,j),IMD(2,j),IMD(3,j). 
Finally, calculate difference between the 63 data average and 3 time average for each point.

This is not difficult if using traditional VB or C codes. However, as for VEE, do you have any ideas on which might be the best efficient solution? Among Matlab script, excel and VEE matrix/database? My priority is the total data process time, less the better.

Your help would be highly appreciated!


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