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Interval problem. Desperate and need help!

Question asked by brokensmile on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by rob.macdonald
Hi everyone,
I am using Agilent 34970A with Agilent BenchLink Data Logger 3 via RS-232 and connect it with my Laptop. In my project, I need to measure force, which could be measured by a load cell. Therefore, I connect it with the agilent. The problem is when I decrease the interval to lower than 43ms, the data I received is not catch up with the interval i set. In another words, the minimum time between scans I could get is 43ms. 

Could anyone explain this for me? And is there any ways to faster the scan speed? Or is there another ways to measure with load cell other than transfer the data through Agilent? I need to get around 100 data per second or more, which the interval is 10ms or less.

The load cell output signal is in mV. Could I use the Ina128p and arduino? 

The deadline is coming soon and I need to solve this problem quick... Thank you very much for your helps.

Best regards.