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Get source voltage and current with Agilent.AgU3606x.Interop C

Question asked by jlgalindo on Feb 18, 2014
I created a C# program to control a Agilent U3606A power supply with built in DMM and I can setup the output voltage, current limit, enable output, etc of the power supply part and measure from the DMM part, but I can't find a method to know the voltage or the current of the source (power supply), for example if I set the power supply to constant voltage, I' don't know how to get the current given from the power supply.

I can get it sending the SCPI command "SOUR:SENS:CURR?" or "SENS:CURR?" from the Agilent Interactive IO but I can't find the equivalent reference in the AgU3606x driver.

Somebody know how to get this values from the AgU3606x driver?

It's possible to send the SCPI commands directly from C#?

Jose Luis