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Saving waveform on local USB stick- syntax error

Question asked by kishore on Jun 13, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2014 by MarkL
I am using a set of DSOX3SGM, Segmented Memory Application for 3000 X - Series Oscilloscopes remotely operated by a LabWindows based DAQ system. Since transfer of data from all the oscilloscopes through TCP/IP connection takes long time, I want to save the waveforms to the respective USB drives I put on the scopes. I can do it manually. However, I want to do it through remote application in my program. I used following syntaxes:

:SAVE:WAVeform:FORMat ASCiixy
:SAVE:WAVeform:LENGth max
:SAVE:WAVeform:SEGMented ALL
:SAVE:WAVeform:STARt \\usb\test.csv 

My first three commands executed successfully, but the fourth one never working.
It says INST Error -101, unrecognized character.

I am using C coding, I even printf the command which I sent, all different options, but no success.

Please help me, I know I am doing some silly mistake. Thank you very much for your help.