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Running Simulation With Vias Across Multiple Layers

Question asked by ti_mike on Oct 21, 2014

I am running a simulation with three separate layers and two different via structures on a differential trace. I am getting the following error:

"The port setup needed to be corrected: Calibration will not be used for port "P1" (pins "P1" and "P5" are not on the edge between a conductive and a non-conductive region)."

I set up a momentum simulation to measure the s-parameters S(3,1) and S(4,2) or the S(2,1) if I convert the the single ended results over to differential. The design uses two separate ground planes that are tied to the same net but are separated by ~50 mils with some of the trace running on the top layer of the board, another portion of it running on an interior layer and the, an the remaining portion running on the bottom layer. I added four addition ports (P5-P8) placing them on the correct layers ground planes per the stack up and referenced P1 to P5, P2 to P6, P3 to P7 and P4 to P8. I believe this is where my error is coming from as I am not sure that I set this up correctly. 

Does anybody know if there is a simple fix for this or if there is any documentation out there that will help explain how to set such a simulation up? Also, any information on importing ODB++ files would be extremely helpful!