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Connecting the BenchVue Mobile application to your instruments

Question asked by GPETEBlog Employee on Feb 18, 2014
The BenchVue Mobile application for Android and iOS devices provides a convenient tool for monitoring and controlling a measurement without staying tied to the location of your instruments. In this post we will cover how to connect the BenchVue Mobile app to the instruments on your bench. The BenchVue Mobile 1.0 application supports controlling and monitoring BenchVue supported DMMs, Power supplies, and oscilloscopes. Future releases will support more instruments. To connect, control, and monitor supported instruments the BenchVue Mobile application does not connect to the instruments directly instead it connects to them through the BenchVue PC software. To connect the BenchVue mobile app to the BenchVue PC software the mobile device most be part or have access to the same network that the PC is on. For more information on network considerations when using the BenchVue app see the forum post “Network considerations when using BenchVue Mobile application on your Android or iOS device.”
To connect your mobile device with the BenchVue Mobile app to the BenchVue PC software go to the Bench interface of the BenchVue PC software and press the Enable Mobile Access icon (picture of a mobile device) at the top right corner of the interface. If this is your first time using the mobile access feature, a pop-up window will appear prompting you to create a password, press OK to create your password. After you create your password press the mobile icon again to enable mobile access (it will be the color blue when enabled). The password prevents others from accessing the instruments without your knowledge. Once you have set your password, click on the Settings icon (picture of a gear) at the top right corner of the BenchVue PC software interface. From the Settings menu select “Mobile Access…” This will open the Agilent BenchVue Mobile Access popup window that has the information needed for you to connect your mobile device.
Open the BenchVue Mobile app on your Android or iOS device. From the home screen menu select “Connect to BenchVue on PC.” On the Connect to BenchVue screen you have two ways to connect:
1.     The first way to connect is to enter the PC’s IP address and the password you created. The IP address of your PC can be found on the Agilent BenchVue Mobile Access popup window on the PC. Once you have entered the address and password press “Connect” on the mobile app.
2.      The second way to connect is to scan the QR code in the Agilent BenchVue Mobile Access popup window (the QR code is the square black and white design in the popup window). To scan the QR code, press the “Scan” button at the bottom of the mobile app screen. This will bring up the camera viewer on your mobile device. Position your mobile device camera so that the QR code is in the center of the mobile device screen and hold it steady. The app will automatically scan the QR code and connect to the BenchVue PC software. 

Once you connect the mobile app will give you a choice of which instrument you would like to connect to. Select the desired instrument and you are now able to control and monitor that instrument from your mobile device. Note that to connect to an instrument with BenchVue Mobile that instrument must be connected to the BenchVue PC software and the instrument’s application must be running on the BenchVue PC software.