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SOLVED Get data from DVM 3458A using subsampling

Question asked by PacoLopez on Jun 2, 2014
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After long time using VEE to capture signals from a 3458A, we decided to use C# and recreate the same functionallity we had in our VEE application. I tried to create a function that programs the multimeter to work in subsampling mode, cause the signal we monitor is in the uS range.
I have been searching information about reading binary block of int16 using the libraries, but I couldn't find any information, all the examples use the NRDGS, is is possible to read the values using the VisaComLib in C#?  
I have attached the screenshot of the VEE function that setups the multimetera and the VEE function that we use to read the data. 

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After some time trying several ways to read the data back from the DVM, I found how to do myself

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