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HP 8753C Retrofit Option Kits (eg TDR Option 010)

Question asked by Apostle on Apr 3, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by drkirkby
Dear Colleagues,

  I'm trying to understand what is involved in adding Option 010 (TDR) to an HP 8753C network analyzer. I realize that Agilent no longer supports the 8753C, but the instruction manual and old HP catalogs show this as a user installable option, HP 85019B.

  Can anyone shed light on what is involved? Does it require the optional HP9122 dual disk drive to install new firmware into the 8753C?

  Any ideas on where a 85019B retrofit kit can be found?

  I would also appreciate any comments regarding the Option 002 and 006 upgrades.

   All comments welcome and,


Mike DiGirolamo, W4XN
Charlottesville, VA