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TRL calibration with Smart Cal?

Question asked by satyavan on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by satyavan
I still don't get it how to perform a "Smart Cal/Guided cal" TRL calibration. While in the unguided calibration my PNA (N5230A) displays properly the TRL class (cal kit: 85052D), when I try to do the same with Smart Cal (which is strongly suggested, why?), there is no TRL option at the cal Type selection stage. The standards were defined (otherwise also the unguided cal would not work, doesn't it?) and, for DUT connectors APC 3.5 mm, it displays only the 2-port, unknown thru SOLT option. In the Modify cal enabled, whatever Thru Cal method is selected and Cal Type/stds chosen, cal type remains SOLT, QSOLT, EnhResp, but no TRL. I suspect that I'm missing something fundamental here... can anyone help?