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Sweeping Attenuators

Question asked by CRoD on Mar 29, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2007 by RayH
I have a E5071B Network Analyzer.  Range from 300 Khz to 8.5 GHz.

I have different level of 50 ohm Bird Attenuators that I want to double check that they are performing as specified.  -20 dB and -30 dB Attenuators that I want to use for DUT.

How can I go about sweeping an Attenuator so that hopefully a S21 measurement can show the appropriate representation that can confirm that the attenuator is performing up to par.  Typically, a -30 dB attenuator to have a display of -28 ~ -35 etc Return loss sweep.  :?:

Thanks in advance for any help.