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LAN Visibility for N5230C

Question asked by nosjojo1 on May 19, 2014
I'm working on a LabView program and went to do some simple testing and was unable to communicate with my Analyzer. Loading up NI MAX, I can only see 2 of the network analyzers we have in the building, but I can't find any settings that prevent me from talking to the rest of them.

I'm able to TELNET and hit the webserver just fine, so my original assumption is that I am just setting my connection wrong. However, with NI MAX, it tries to locate my devices automatically. I can't figure out why 2 work and the rest don't.

So I've got a few questions that should help me resolve this:
Should I be using the TELNET address+port for my LabView VISA address?
Is there any settings that would interfere with this auto-detect and how can I fix them?

The analyzer says the LAN is working fine and everything seems to be enabled.

EDIT: Solved it. The SICL interface wasn't enabled. I was only paying attention to the TCPIP Sockets portion. Found out they were related, turned them on, device is showing up.

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