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8719C disassembly - encoder repair

Question asked by craig.javid on May 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Dr_joel
I have an 8719C network analyzer that I bought used.  The front panel rotary control **** is not functional  but the unit passes all front panel self tests.  My research indicates that a small grain-of-wheat incandescent bulb is used in the optical encoder and has probably failed.  I have obtained some 5V, 60mA bulbs so I can repair the encoder. 

The problem is I do not know how to properly disassemble the analyzer to gain access to the encoder.  From a top view with the top lid removed the front panel circuitry is shielded by an aluminum plate.  Can anyone give me some guidance on proper disassembly.  I hope I do not have to touch the lower port connectors and input assemblies.

I am hoping there is a relatively straight forward way to access the encoder but I just cannot figure out how.

Any help would be appreciated.