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Setting burst period programmatically leads to errors

Question asked by shanty on Jul 24, 2013
I'm using labview 2012 to control a 33521A function generator.  For my application, I need a 6MHz sine wave with a burst period of 1us.  This is a valid setting; if I set the wave up manually, the function generator runs without issue.  However, setting the burst period to 1us programatically leads to labview throwing me an error:

Instrument Reports:
-221, "Settings conflict; burst period increased to fit entire burst"
+0, "No Error"

I can't figure out why it doesn't like my 1us.  If I increase the timing to 2us, everything works perfectly fine.  If I manually write the waveform to a state and programattically use the recall function to load the state, it also works fine.  But configuring the period throws this error.  I'm attaching a copy of the labview code, as well as some screenshots.