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Output hspice measured variable value to text file

Question asked by on Jun 12, 2014
I have, for eg., measured a parameter using .measure statement:
.measure tran ff_op_rise_50 MAX v(Xb04.REG4_reg_7_:Q) from=7.5e-09s to=7.55e-09s

I have captured it in the variable name "ff_op_rise_50". I want to now print this value to a csv file or a text file. Is there a way to do it in hspice?
I looked at the user guide, but there seems to be no way to do it.
An option called measform=3 seems to print the values but it prints out many other things such as the file information, headers, option statements etc.

In ngspice, I used to do it in a simple way using the following command:
echo "$&ff_op_rise_50" , >outputs_1.csv
echo "$&ff_op_rise_51" , >>outputs_1.csv  : This is to append to the same file

I am hoping that a simple way exists in hspice too. Any suggestions are welcome!


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