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RC circuit voltage measurement

Question asked by vinodsharma on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by jgruszynski

I am using DSO-X 3034A series to work on a simple RC circuit to verify capacitor discharge voltage in 1msec through 680 ohm.

Theoretically i am calculating using equation
V=12*(exp(-0.01/(4.7uF*680))) which come out to be 8.77V but using DSO I am not able to verify it. Practically when I measured with DSO it is discharge to 5V.

I have attached RC circuit and waveform captured. Below is the test procedure that I am following
1. Set trigger on falling edge and trigger level to 8V.
2. Connect CRO probe (10:1) across C1 and Press SW1 till cap charges to 12V.
3. Press single capture mode on DSO.
3. Release SW1 and immediately press SW2.
4. Save captured waveform.

Request you to Please clarify how can I measure accurate signal voltage for this RC circuit?