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E5071C - why I see S11 during source power leveling?

Question asked by mirek on Jan 28, 2014
I wonder why S11 is displayed during source power leveling on E5071C. That even with the latest firmware (11.31).
There is no value to operator see the Return Loss during power leveling. It will be nice to see actual power that is level with the tolerance limits.

What the difference between: "Number of reading" and "Number of iteration"?

The current source leveling default setting are as follow:
Number of readings: 1
tolerance: 5dB (five dB !!!)
Maximum Iteration: 0

It is passible to make more reasonable default settings?
Number of readings: 5
tolerance: 0.1dB
Maximum Iteration: 0

Can you add reference receiver during source leveling to speed up the process?