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Using the NVNA with very old signal generators

Question asked by tomcom on Jun 13, 2013
Hi all,

I am performing 2 large-tone X-parameter measurements on a 2-port device.  This means that I am using an external signal generator to provide a large tone.  One of the sources in the NVNA is providing the other large tone and the second source in the NVNA is providing the extraction tones (small signals) on each port.  In addition to all of these, I need to provide a stimulus to the comb generators.  Normally, I would just use the same 10 MHz source that I'm providing to all of my devices, but the tone spacing for my measurement is 1 MHz, so I don't think 10 MHz works.

I've blown the dust off an old HP 8657A to use to provide the comb generator source (it's the only one I have available) and I've figured out how to program it but I still have the following two questions:

How does the NVNA calculate the appropriate input frequency to the comb generator?

What is the format of the .scfg file that I can save with the programming commands for the HP 8657A?

Is it the same as the one found here?

If so, does anyone have any recommendations for how to edit one of these?

Thank you,