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Undocumented response of INST:CAT? query of N9000A

Question asked by joro on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by tabbott

The manual of the Agilent X-series Signal Analyzer (in my case for the N9000A CXA) specifies a command to retrieve the installed/licensed applications. The response of this command 'INST:CAT?' is described in the manual as:

Remote Command           :INSTrument:CATalog?
Example                          :INST:CAT?
Notes:                             Query returns a quoted string of the installed and licensed modes separated with a comma.
                                       Example:    "SA,PNOISE,WCDMA"

However on my N9000 CXA device (firmware A.10.52), the real response is: "PULSE 150, VSA89601 101, EMI 141, BASIC 8, SA 1"
As you can see, the real response is not similar to the example response that is given in the manual. After some puzzling, I now understand that the numbers behind the application names are references to the 'application mode number' for those applications.

Could you update the manual to reflect and explain the real response of the 'INST:CAT?' query?

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