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HP/Agilent Power Supply Agent

Question asked by nerdenator on Jun 11, 2014
I recently ordered a used HP/Agilent (actually, just HP) 6200B DC power supply off of eBay, and it arrived today. All of the knobs, switches, and lights work. I need to make sure everything's still on the money with a nice multimeter, but other than that, everything seems in good order.

Now, I just want to know approximately how old it is. Agilent's website has a .pdf of the user's manual with a revision date of 1966. HP spun off Agilent in the late 90s. It was definitely built between those two dates, but that's quite a bit of room.

Below are pictures of the unit itself. I've included the serial number in case anyone knows how the production run dates correspond to it. I've also looked at the circuit board... the traces are really "loose" instead of the tight, precisely-packed circuits you see today. Anyone have an idea of a range of when this unit was made?