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E4407B Slow Response

Question asked by troy_otto on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by tabbott
Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this same behavior.  I am controlling the analyzer through GPIB.  Firmware version is 14.06 (most current).  Here is what I am doing and what I see happen.

*RST to preset the analyzer.
Set center freq to 2MHz, span to 50kHz, RBW to 1kHz, and turn on Marker Noise function.
I set sweep to single, turn on averaging, 30 sweeps, average type is video.  
I send INIT; to start averaging, then watch *OPC waiting for completion of the 30 sweeps. 

From this point on, the spectrum analyzer takes 3-10 seconds to process each GPIB transaction.  What I want to do after the above is do a marker min search, then turn off averaging, turn off marker noise, then turn continuous sweeping back on.  Each of these is done as a single command via GPIB to the analyzer and is taking 3-10 seconds to execute before the next command executes.  The analyzer will remain in this "sluggish" mode until I preset it.

I have tried this on another E4407B that has 14.04 firmware and do not see this problem.  However, the firmware update from 14.04 to 14.06 included improvements to GPIB timing and I was seeing issues with GPIB commands randomly having syntax problems, unterminated headers, etc with working code.  The update to 14.06 has corrected that issue, but now I am seeing this slow down.  

Anyone have a similar experience.  Can anyone from Agilent address this?  Is this a known issue?  Will there be a firmware fix for it?  Any work-arounds (without dumping 30 traces to the PC and letting it do the averaging and marker noise)?

Thanks for any suggestions or help.