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AgtRM.DLL not found. Winodws 8

Question asked by dpapps on May 24, 2014

The Set io_mgr line below is returning an error DLL not found.

    Dim io_mgr As VisaComLib.ResourceManager
    Set io_mgr = New AgilentRMLib.SRMCls

I'm running Agilent IO 16 on a Windows 8 system - first time on this machine.

The same VBA program works fine on my lab PC running Agilent 15.3  on Windows Vista.

I tried installing 15.3 on my Win 8 PC but Win 8 won't allow it (must be logged on as Administrator and despite the being the Administrator it still won't allow it)

The DLL AgtRM.DLL does exist and I've registered correctly but still doesn't work.

Has anyone seen this problem and a solution? 

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