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Measurement difference between 8712/5230A and 8753

Question asked by zhuxing on Feb 23, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2006 by mmule54
I encountered a strange problem.

Signal need to be measurement: 12 sec length, 0.1 sec pulse (0dBm) and 11.9 sec noise (<-80dBm) at a fixed frequency (e.g. 16MHz).

I connect the signal to Port 1 and measured it as reverse A at CW mode.

The problem I encountered is:
(1) with 8712 and 5230A, the measured result (curve displayed) is exact what I expect.

(2) however, with 8753, the measured result is completely wrong: there should be only 1 pulse near 0dBm during one 12sec sweep, but 8753 displayed many, the noise also increased to -30 to -50dBm, furthermore, there are >1 pulses also near 0dBm.

I think the problem should be due to config/setting of the 8753. Anybody knows the difference between the 8753 and 8712/5230A settings which may lead to aforementioned problem?