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Solved How to use EVM dataset in Ptolemy for optimization?

Question asked by vs_chronos on Dec 3, 2013

While it took me a while to understand, the answer was quite simple.

To access the datasets generated by a Sink (in my case an LTE_UL_EVM sink) in Ptolemy, you need to address it as:


in my specific case, it became:


Where +DF1+ is the simulation controller,
+UL_EVM1+ is the instance of the Sink
+DataEVM+ is the generated dataset by the simulation

So, the solution to my request is as follows:


I am trying to optimize an LTE receiver in terms of EVM. However, I can't access the datasets generated by the EVM sink in Ptolemy for including in a optimization expression. The "LTE_UL_EVM" component generates the dataset "DataEVM" after simulation and it is available in the Data Display. Nevertheless, I want to use this result as Optimization Goal in Ptolemy!

I tried in different ways to access the dataset but I don't get to reach it. Which Expression (Expr) do I need to use for accessing this dataset?? Can somebody give me a hint? I would appreciate a lot your help!!

My EVM component  looks as follows:

UL_EVM1 <= Instance

My Optimization Goal:
Expr="UL_EVM1.DataEVM"        (I tried also: "LTE_UL_EVM.UL_EVM1.DataEVM", "DF.DF1.DataEVM", and some other variants)

Thank you before hand!


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