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N9322C Reflection Measurement - LV Driver Questions

Question asked by arno33 on Jan 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by fanfansimon
we bought the N9322C Spectrum Analyzer with the TG7 and RM7 and want to use it for Reflection Measurements.

I have a few questions regarding the Labview Driver.

If i made a reflection measurement i can read the graph (after correcting bugs in the driver)
with my Labview Software.
But i also need the Peak and Valley Values for Frequency, Return Loss and VSWR, 
which are display at the bottom of the display.
+How can i read this values with Labview?+

Before using the Reflection Measurement it is necessary to calibrate the spectrum
analyzer for the needed frequency span.
+Is it possible to start the Calibrate Funtion with Labview?+

Thanks in advance for your help.