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Calibration of path involving 50 db attenuator through PNA 5242A.

Question asked by rohit on Jul 12, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by rohit
Hi, I am making an ATE to Test a T/R module.But I am facing problem while doing calibration of the paths.As my DUT has N-type (F) connector on Txout and SMA (F) on Txin port.Also there is a 50 db attenuator on the path connecting Txout to PNA port 2 as the DUT gives 53dBm peak power. I have an ECAL kit N4433A which I am using to calibrate at one end of setup which has SMA (M) pin  and for the N- type (M) cable end side I have 85032F mechanical kit by which I was hoping to do a SOLT calibration. But it seems because I have a 50 dB attenuator in my path, I am getting unleveled source output message and hence that path is not getting properly calibrated.
                           I will just hi-light what my plan was in order to calibrate complete path, I was thinking I could do 2 full port guided calibration using N4433A for the SMA end and 85032F on the N-type end and then put the DUT between the SMA(M) and N-type(M) end and measure the phase, gain response of the DUT and also do VSWR measurement.

                      Do I have to do my calibration by some other means or my process is correct but I need to do some settings before I do the calibration. I have attached the schematic representation for reference. Any help will be highly appreciated. :)