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Evaluate the overall accuracy of thermocouples measu. with 34901A in 34972A

Question asked by neckag on Apr 25, 2013
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Hello everybody,
We use in our laboratory a multiplexer 34901A in a 34972A for data acquisition (thermocouples K). I would like to evaluate the overall accuracy of the measurements.
The supplier specifies an accuracy of 1.5 °C (DIN EN 60584 cl.1).
In the agilent documentation (enclose page), I find that the accuracy specifications (including measurement error, switching, transducer conversion error) is 1°C for 24 Hour /23°C+/-1°C and 1.5°C for 1 Year 23°C+/-5°C for a thermocouple K.
We use 6 1/2 digits.
Can I say that the accuracy of our temperature measurement is delta = 1.5°C+1.5°C = 3°C?

This is so big! Could I improve it without changing the thermocouples?

What is the use of the accuracy 24 hour 23°C+/-1°C? I don't know why three different values are provided. (24h; 90 days; 1 year)

Laboratory conditions: constant temperature of about 22°C+/-2°C all over the year.  

Thank you in advance.