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Agilent Source Gui Problems

Question asked by apicotte on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by MattC
Does someone is able to operate the 6811B with Ac Source Gui over Rs-232.

There are many, many, many problems with AC Source Gui.

- The sypply output did not alaways goes OFF when hitting "Output OFF"
- Unable to get mesearuments.
- Many message errors "read error ,the operation complete successfully" !!!
- Ac Source Gui crash many time a days
- The parameter of supply can change when trying to get mesuerements !!!!! Really dangerous.
- The RS-232 is limited to 9600!
- When I try to reinstall the AC Source GUI, I get some error message, but the pop-up are to small to get the whole message !

We presently are not equiped with GPIB interface. Does the RS-232 is there for the look only, or it is suposed to work?

Does someone know a third party software that work for 6811B?