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66319B and CCDF

Question asked by bman on May 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by paulf
Hi All,

I have a 66319B with A.03.01 firmware.

I am trying to use the CCDF functionality, which is unfortunately not documented. Does anyone know where I could find additional information?

This is what I know so far. I am trying to get some current distributions:

:CONF:HIST CURR,1,ACDC,1,2048,BUS,0,15.3  -- enables current 1A range, 2048 bins, 1 sample per second, bus triggered
:INIT:NAME HIST;*TRG -- starts measurements
:FETC:ARR:HIST? -- returns 2048 comma separated values (every other seems to be always zero)

I would love additional information. Thanks in advance.