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Does anyone know the difference between the Agilent 1146B and AEMC SL261?

Question asked by glowitz on May 18, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by algoss
As best as I can tell, it seems that Agilent and other T&M companies may OEM one of the scope current probes from AEMC based on the SL261 model. In comparing the physical form factor and the electrical specifications, they appear to be virtually identical. As usual, Agilent is very thorough in showing more specs, charts, along with better documentation...but I can't find much difference, if any, in the operation, part or spec itself. Is anyone familiar with either or both of these products? One difference may be the warranty (Agilent's is 3-years). But what about the electronics inside? Does Agilent specify better components, tighter tolerances or improved mechanical integrity? I'm looking to buy a couple of these probes and would like to understand the differences, if any. Thank you!