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How to using C to control VSA with custom digital demodulation?

Question asked by agump on Nov 25, 2013
I am using VSA17.0 , and want  to use C# to control VSA to realize custom ditital demodulation. First , I use the macro recording to ge the follow code :
            app.Measurements.SelectedItem.Input.Recording.RecallFile("E:\\project\\qam16.mat", "MAT");
            app.Measurements.SelectedItem.IsContinuous = false;
            app.Measurements.SelectedItem.IsContinuous = true;
            app.Measurements.SelectedItem.GetMeasurementExtension().Format = DigitalDemod.Format.Qam16;
            app.Measurements.SelectedItem.GetMeasurementExtension().SymbolRate = 4800D;
            app.Measurements.SelectedItem.GetMeasurementExtension().FilterAlphaBT = 0.5D;
            app.Display.Traces.SelectedIndex = 0;
            app.Display.Traces.ArrangeWindows((ArrangeWindowHints.HorizontalOrientation | ArrangeWindowHints.FillAll), 2, 2);
Then I copy these code to C# project. When I run , the IDE give hints the "DigitalDemod" is not a recognized type. I have used "using Agilent.SA.Vsa.DigitalDemod" to refer the DigitalDemod interface and It didn't work. Now , I have no idea to how to let the C# get the information for "DigitalDemod". Please give me some help. Thanks.
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