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Remotely Controlling Analyzer from Matlab

Question asked by khashia on Jun 1, 2012
In a test setup we needed the frequency sweep data over a frequency range mutiple times such that the time between two swept periods is consistent between two frequency values.We managed to get the required sweep data by writing a vbs macro file for the desired operation using com standard (SCPI Commands were also showing some problems). This file runs as a macro from within Network Analyzer. Now we want to have the same file run from some other PC so we can remotely configure the analyzer and obtain data in remote PC. 

One approach is to connect PC and Analyzer over the LAN interface and use VBScript editor (on PC) for running macro and getting data trace,but how could we achieve this in Matlab? Specifically how could we have the same macro run from matlab so that we configure the analyzer from Matlab and get data directly into Matlab (the simple s-parameter snp files) and have further processing on data directly in Matlab?

Another approach is to use IVI driver through Instrument Control toolbox. Through this approach one can have one sweep of analyzer at one time but in our case we need multiple frequency sweeps with no time lapse in between,I am having concerns whether this control through instrument driver would provide the desired automated functionality. Expert Advice is needed from someone already familiar about operating VNA through Instrument control toolbox or translating/using vbs com script in Matlab.

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