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Matlab script slower in VEE 9.2 compared to VEE 8.0?

Question asked by steveor on Nov 8, 2011

I've written a program in VEE 8.0 that makes heavy use of Matlab scripts.  I am considering upgrading to VEE 9.2, so I downloaded a evaluation copy of that software and compared my program execution time.

I was disappointed to see my program run MUCH slower in VEE 9.2 compared to VEE 8.0.  Here's what I see:

The first time I run the program in VEE 9.2 it takes about 20 seconds for the program to start up (presumably due to registering the Matlab engine).  In VEE 8.0 this takes less than 2 seconds.

Next, I've built a loop that processes measurement files.  Each pass through the loop calls a Matlab script.  In VEE 9.2 each pass takes about 800 ms.  In VEE 8.0 each pass takes about 130 ms.

Is Agilent aware of this performance degradation?  Is there something I can do to speed up the Matlab script execution speed of VEE 9.2 to match or beat the speed of VEE 8.0?  Although I like the multi-threading support added in VEE 9.0 and the handling of NaN , I see a huge disincentive in performance to upgrading to VEE 9.2.

Have other users seen similar throughput differences?

Steve Ortiz