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VEE Caution: Cannot execute file 'visa32.dll'

Question asked by jtran on Dec 15, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2010 by PingWei
Hi all,

I am a new member to the VEE community and have only been programming for a little while now. When I try to open a VEE file saved a couple months back (no changes made since then), this message appears:

VEE Caution
Cannot execute file 'visa32.dll'
Could not load dynamically linked library
Could not load dynamically linked library

When 'OK' is pressed, another message appears to ask to add the drivers, followed by the first message. These two messages alternate for each line that device's driver is needed in the code, if I continue to press 'OK', eventually my program is opened. When I try to run the program, a message appears that says:

VEE Run Time Error
Invalid device encountered
Error number: 904
Object title: Parse Error
Object type: Unknown

Any suggestions? I sincerely appreciate your help. Thanks!