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N9923A System Dynamic Range Verification

Question asked by Tim on Jul 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2012 by Tim
I 've just got a new N9923A. In the process of getting familiar with how to use the VNA, I 've been trying to do a system dynamic range check. Like I did before with the E4402B, basically measuring the S21 with the following settings:

BW=300Hz, Smooth=ON, sm aperture=1.5%, average=3 or others, Output power =High, Sweep=201, Frequency=2 MHz--6.0GHz, Both ports are load with 50 Ohm loads.

I am getting the receiver noise floor from -95 dB to -90dB across the whole frequency range so even adding the maximum output of 5 dBm, the result is 10 dB worse off across the whole frequency range in comparison to the factory test report attached to the delivery. 
I've also noticed the noise floor rises to -50 db when switching the output power from high to low.

Does anyone know a standard setting arrangement to enable the repeat of the factory test result?

I've sent the same query to Agilent but I am thinking this sort of operation may be very standard in using N9923A and many experienced users may have already known the answer, so I 've turned to the forum for help.

Thanks in advance

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