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About For Count usage in VEE Pro

Question asked by wangyiliu99 on Nov 30, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2010 by wangyiliu99
Sorry for my entry-level question.

What I wanted to do is:
Copy the txt data one by one (using For Count) from a.txt to b.txt,
at the beginning of the copy process, add the starting time (using now() function);
while in the end, add the ending time (using now() function)

Problem Description:
for the flow chart,
2)write current start time to b.txt
3)set loop (For Count), copy a.txt to b.txt one by one
4)write current end time to b.txt
I wanted to have one start and one end time recorded, however, what I got is
one start but several (number equals to For Count number) end time record,
I guess the problem is in the For Count part, where the end time recording is
also included in the loop.

Has anyone encountered similar problems with For Count? Really appreciate your help.