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Current Measurement using VEE

Question asked by chan_thx on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2009 by jjames99

I am using VEE pro 8.5 to programme current measurement using U2722A SMU equipment. I use IVI driver to interface with the SMU. I could able to communicate with the equipment, but cannot get a correct current measurment.
Problem item:
WHen the cable is left floating, the current i get is 0A which is correct. When i connect the cable to the load for example a 50ohm resistor and i drive 1 volt I get 120mA(max current) which is wrong.
Another problem is the SMU could able to drive up till 20V but, in my programme, when i drive 20V i can get only 10V reading in my multimeter.

My another question is what is the difference between direct I/O and IVI I/O.