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binary data transfer on 8757

Question asked by Sloppy on Jan 17, 2013
Hello folks

i would like to use the 8757 scalar analyzer's binary data trace transfer to extract a trace curve using the FD3 binary data format.

Specifically I would like to transfer the trace when the analyzer is in "absolute power measurement - memory" display mode.

Would this mode be considered "Normalized Power Measurement" in the table on page 15 of the Agilent 8757 Quick Reference manual for purposes of decoding the 802 byte array transferred from the 8757? I'm asking this because if I decode the binary data stream using the constants shown for "Normalized Power Measurement" I don't seem to get the correct results.

i have used this mode of data transfer with the 8757 many times, but this is the first attempt to do so with the analyzer in the "absolute power measurement - memory"

thanks for any response. Much appreciated