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Genesys 2004.07 running on Windows 7 in XP Mode

Question asked by ckiall on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2012 by ckiall
Hope someone can help. Initially I tried to run Genesys 2004.07 in Windows 7 but that didn't work so I installed it in XP Mode in a virtual computer. The program installed fine, the authorization ran, the usb key was recognized (attached the key in the usb menu), the codes downloaded (successfully downloaded the latest license codes) but finally received an authorization error. When I go to current license status it says that a hardware key is attached, but Terminal Server remote client not allowed. Error: -103,577. I do have a good license as I'm able to run on my other XP computer without any issues.  Would have really prefered to run the program directly in Windows 7 but that just keeps repeating a dialog box that says Hasp Driver - User has no access to the Database Registry. I am logged on as administrator so that isn't the problem. Any suggestions?