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unwanted signals around the desired signals on M8190A

Question asked by ray on Aug 29, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2012 by tdippon
Hi, Agilent guru on M8190A,
I just got 2 of M8910As (product version 2) to replace original version 1 unit. I was trying to generate multiple tone signals from M8190As. But I always got unwanted multiple products of signals around my desired signals with freq. offset 20.8KHz (for 312,000 sample length), or 2.08KHz for 3,120,000 sample length.  Even if I loaded all "1" to channel 1 and "0" to channel 2, I still got the same problem. Sometimes it didn't show up and the signals were very clean. But most of time it happened, on both of my units. 

I didn't get this problem with my version 1 unit. 

I have thought of and checked ref signal, sampling signals from internal (which always has +/1 270Hz signals around from "Sample Clock out" port) and rebooted PC and M8190A (and driver) many times, but couldn't find even a workaround!!  Very frustrated!!  

FYI, I am using C# to generate the DAC values and load to the unit with IVI driver.  But like I said, even loading "1" and "0" will cause the same problem. I am almost coming to the conclusion that the hardware has the problem.

Your timely help is truly appreciated!!!