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Agilent E8362B: Port number for VISA session

Question asked by bernard on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2012 by dhamilton

I'm trying to control the Agilent E8362B network analyzer with LabView. To setup a VISA session I use
Labview Measurement and Automation Center (MAX). The IP-address of my PC is, the IP-address of the VNA is
The PC and the VNA are in the same LAN. I can ping from PC to VNA (using only the IP-address of the destination, not with extra portnumber), I can also
ping from VNA to PC (also only using the IP-address of the PC, not with extra portnumber). To setup a VISA session I need the portnumber of
the VNA to which I have to connect. Can anyone help me?

Note: there is also an option for automatic detection of LXI-devices on the LAN. My device can't be located automatically. That's why I want to do the explicit