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IVI Driver Error? Temperature measurement

Question asked by MarcoHofmann on Oct 25, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by changmeikuan

I use an Agilent 34970A for temperature measurement. A PT1000 is connected to channel 108 and as far as I control the 34970A at the front plate everything works fine.
In my software I use the latest IVI drivers but when I set channel 108 for temperature measurement with a PT1000 and perform a measurement on this channel the 34970A switches back to the default settings (PT100) and shows me "OVLD" in the display.
I also get no temperature value from the device/ from the IVI driver.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?


dmm.Temperature.get_FRTDResistance(108) //Get resistance value Ro
dmm.Temperature.set_FRTDResistance(108,1000) //Set resistance value Ro = 1k Ohm
dmm.Temperature.get_FRTDResistance(108) //Get resistance value Ro
dmm.Measure.RTDMeasure(108, Agilent34970RTDTypeEnum.Agilent34970RTD2Wire, Agilent34970RTDAlphaEnum.Agilent34970RTDAlpha85, Resolution)
    [0]: 9.9E+37