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What format is the number returned for :INPut:RECord:PLAY:POSition?

Question asked by Sparky on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by Sparky
Right now I'm having a problem trying to walk through a recording playback when the overlap has to be dynamically allocated on the first 'step.'  That-is we have between 0 and 12 ms of launch time.  So the Percent overlap after the first packet is dumped from digital demod and new data is pulled in from the recording is not known.  Reading the Player position is returning a weird number, seems like it might be time in samples? (while read back of Search Length is returned in seconds):

3     LAN Socket - Port 5024     Agilent.SA.Vsa.Scpi     :INP:REC:PLAY:POS?     _INPut_RECording_PLAY_POSitionQuery - :INPut:RECording:PLAY:POSition?     10/18/2012 17:39:00.94
4     LAN Socket - Port 5024          49481          10/18/2012 17:39:00.96
3     LAN Socket - Port 5024     Agilent.SA.Vsa.Scpi     :SENS:DDEM:SEAR:SLEN?     _SENSe_DDEMod_SEARch_SLENgthQuery - :[SENSe]:DDEMod:SEARch:SLENgth?     10/18/2012 17:39:04.98
4     LAN Socket - Port 5024          0.682666666666667          10/18/2012 17:39:05.00

Then I do some math I get very bad %overlap!

3     LAN Socket - Port 5024     Agilent.SA.Vsa.Scpi     :SENS:TIME:OVER -7248093.359375     _SENSe_TIME_OVERlap - :[SENSe]:TIME:OVERlap     10/18/2012 17:39:09.00

On screen when I pull up the player window, position is reported as 723.70900324994 ms