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Problem with Cal in PNAX A.09.50.13

Question asked by andyTPE on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by Dr_joel
Just when I thought I was out of the woods....

I am experiencing two problems when I run my automated calibration routines using A.09.50.13 on an N5242A (4 port PNA-X)....

1) I am working with a 3port device and my setup involves several channels with several different types of calibration.  In an effort to try and reduce the # of mate/demates to the Ecal unit, I tried to change the THRU pairing from 1,3,1,4 to 3,1,3,4 (i.e. I want to keep P3 connected to my Ecal).  However this crashes the PNA-X.  (Dump files available on request - did not want to put them out in public).  Restoring the THRU pairs to 1,3,1,4 and the PNA is happy (but I am not since I would rather have P3 as my common port).

2) I have some software that has worked robustly for 2 years now to manage Guided Calibrations....  Either I am now at a corner case that I never encountered before, or there may be a firmware issue.  My code configures the cal, asks SmartCal how many steps there are, and then loops thro - getting the connection instruction, kicking off that bit of the cal and then polling the esr bit to find out when it is done. However, I now have a case on a 3port cal (P1,P3,P4) where the cal will start and perform the P1-P3 calibration, but never seems to finish i.e. cal window stays up and esr bit never set.  BUT if I change the IFBW from 100 Hz to 1000 Hz, it all works (esr bit gets set, cal moves on to the P1-P4 cal etc).  The cal works from the front panel at 100 Hz, but not from the ATE.  Yes the 100 Hz IFBW sweep is longer, but that is the point in polling every 1 sec to find out when the thing has finished.  Poll interval is leisurely so no chance of overloading the machine and annoying it...... :)  Any guidance on what could be the problem - I am loath to post the code as it would mean either posting a big file that is the complete driver/manager of my PNA-X, or re-writing as a snippet to illustrate.....

On a completely different topic for Agilent PNA-X team:
- on the 4 port PNA-X with Opt 087 is there a reason why Port3 is not offered as the output port?  P1 is DUT input and either P2/P4 is DUT output port.  I appreciate that the P3 bypass switch is committed to routing the 2nd source to the combiner, but could this hardware config support an Enhance response cal where no reverse sweep is required?

Thank you