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PNA-X: How to set LO to 'Not controlled'?

Question asked by rok on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by rok

I have a test setup that has the ability to test either downconverter DUTs with and without embedded LOs. For the IMDX measurement channels, I want to change the LO from a specified external source to 'Not Controlled' for the embedded LO case. I looked at the pnahelp9_50 .chm help file and found the command of  "SENSe:MIXer:LO:NAME ". It states that the default value is "Not Controlled". But if I try to issue this command:

SENS:MIX:NAME "Not Controlled"

I get an 'Error 1147 Specified external device was not found.'

I looked at the rest of the :SENSE:MIXER:LO tree of commands and couldn't find any comparable command. Is there some way to set the LO to 'Not Controlled' value using scpi programming?