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8241A Instrument Driver lacks ability to write a .pbp file

Question asked by galbertini on Sep 26, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2010 by tabbott
I've been downloading the 8241A instrument driver (IVI-C) in order to integrate this instrument in one of our application.
The shipping examples and functions allow the user to download an arbitrary waveform to the far so good !
Unfortunately, I could not find a function that would allow me to download a .pbp file created with Signal Studio and the .pbp file structure doesn't seem to be documented (if so, I could parse it and create the waveform to send to the instrument).
It is not practical for us to use an Active-X interface to remotely control Signal Studio (pulse builder option) since we will not be running on a Windows platform.
I'm not sure I have a good alternative to allow us integrate this HW on our application.
...Using the "good old" SCPI language and a few high level functions to parse the .pbp file would have made my life much easier
Is there an easy way to use 8241 + PSG + .pbp files from a non-Windows OS?
Thanks in advance
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