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Data from com port to another

Question asked by Anders on Oct 22, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2010 by changmeikuan
Hi all.
I have used Vee pro 7.5 for som eyears now and have done many many small programs where i read data on some com port, GPIB etc. from various constructions.
Some funny timeout problems i have had but able to make work arrounds
Now i got VEE 9.0 and trying to learn this comm interface.
I have hooked up a TCPIP serial device to the PCs internal comport. Tested it with hyper terminal.
If i send from TCPIP via VEE to com 1 on hyper term, it works and visa versa.
So i must conclude the config of the comports are right.
The problem is when i want to read the data send from com 1 to com 2.. i got the 811 timeout.
Think i have tried everthing and dont know what to do next.

Is there something special i need to do in VEE 9 compaired to VEE 7.5 ?

Anders B. Jensen